25-04-2005 Stenocactus coptonogonus SB 18 with flower
25-04-2005 Stenocactus coptonogonus SB 13 with flower
07-10-2004 Stenocactus CSD125 & CSD310
06-10-2004 Stenocactus CSD12 & CSD112
17-05-2004 Stenocactus Lau 1092 & Lau 1377
17-05-2004 Stenocactus ochoterenaus with flower
16-05-2004 Stenocactus NAGL83.022 with flower
16-05-2004 Stenocactus SB116 & SB958 with flower
10-05-2004 Stenocactus phyllacanthus SB112 with flower
10-05-2004 Stenocactus spec. Lau 790 with flower
09-05-2004 Stenocactus obvallatus with flower
09-05-2004 Stenocactus crispatus SB 111 with flower
09-05-2004 Stenocactus multicostatus DJF758.38 with flower
09-05-2004 Stenocactus phyllacanthus CDS159 with flower
07-05-2204 Stenocactus spec. CSD19 with flower
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